A Note From The Project Originator 2300 years ago, the arahat and monk Mahinda arrived in Sri Lanka, bringing Buddhism to the island. Soon thereafter, Sumanthri, a minister of King Devanampiyatissa founded this temple, and the temple was named Sumantindaramaya in his honor. The temple was repeatedly destroyed over the centuries, most recently by the Portuguese around 1500. Thereafter, the temple of King VI. Parakkramabahu was rebuilt, and buildings, pagodas, stones, and walls are used to this day that exist from this time. The Abbot, the Venerable Giridara Sri Rathanajothi, founded a Buddhist school for monks and boys on the temple ground on January 1, 1891 ,calling it Sadananda Pirivena, meaning Eternal Joy. Since that time, monks and youth obtain a thorough education leading toward university. Your support is of great significance to our school. As Abbot, I have taken on the responsibility of preserving this institution for the next generation. This is my most sincere wish.
Dedication:                          My deepest thanks         To all supporters I convey                                   Wholesome energies.         May all beings be happy!                                    Bhante Devananda
An Uncommon Aid Project
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