An Uncommon Aid Project
3. Construction phase / roof - started 2014 We are very happy to have completed the main phase of construction, the roof, caring for protection and cooling! May you all feel the happiness, you have given us with your help!
P l e a s e  c l i c k  t o  e n l a r g e !
2. Construction phase - started 2013 We are delighted by the donations received, to show the start of construction of the upper floor! A big thank you to to all donors who this have made possible.
4. Construction phase / Interior design 2015 To all loyal and new donors and all that our project accompany with as much enthusiasm as we: Thank you very much!
s t a r t z u r ü c k
Completion and ceremonial opening in March 2016 We are proud to look back on a 15-year construction period.  The completed school building has 16 student rooms, a dining room, four toilets and a shower. Total of 35 students have already moved into the building. We sincerely thank all the generous donors for yours Commitment and your willingness and the joy that you all shared us and our students! May you always be happy!