The Challenge The school buildings are now more than 120 years old, partially dilapidated, and unsuitable for teaching and housing students. Neither the local population nor the government has the financial means to build the necessary facilities for the students. Therefore, in 1998, the abbot of the temple, Bhante Devananda Rambukwelle Thero, undertook plans for the construction of a new dormitory, with 19 rooms and a large cafeteria. After working unstintingly, collecting small donations from Buddhist organizations and others, the roof was raised over the ground floor in 2003. Upon completion of the interior construction, the first floor was dedicated in March 2004. The second part of the project still lies ahead. The young monks and students urgently need the additional dormitory space that is planned for the second floor of the building. Their studies are challenged by the constricted rooms of the unfinished building,  where they now struggle to study and live. The lack of a roof means that the heat at night is so unbearable that the students carry their beds outside just to get some sleep.
An Uncommon Aid Project
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